The Reds showed no mercy to the rebels

by The seventh date of the Australian Super RugbyAnd The Brumbies defeated the Waratahs 26-24 He remains one of the obvious candidates to fight for the title. On Saturday, the date was finished with a victory Reds In view of The rebels.

Ripples 19-44 reds (Sabado)

The Reds achieved a victory without major problems on their visit to Rebels 44-19. The attempts to convert for the Reds were twice Tanila Taupo, Hunter Pisame, Fraser McCright, Jock Campbell and Joshua Flock. While in the building, Frank Lomani, Reese Hodge, and Michael Wells managed to score. The Reds are the only team in the competition unbeaten after having won six matches, in the same number of matches.

WARATAHS 24-26 Brumby (Fearns)

Warata did not raise his head and fell again, this time against the Brumbies 24-22. Canberra was scored by Tom Banks, Tom Wright, Andy Muirhead, and Folao Vinja. While at Sydney, Harry Johnson Holmes, Will Harrison and James Ram. The Waratahs had a chance to tie the match in the last play but apprentice Harrison missed the transfer and declared his team’s sixth consecutive loss.

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