Video. Salvadoran footballer Karen Reyes is the champion of Finland

Salvadoran Karen Reyes is the second legionnaire to lift a trophy in 2021 with Aland United after Nicaragua’s Samaria Gomez.

The good news continues for armies Salvadorians in the world. In less than a month Bunyid was knocked out twice in Iceland (League and Cup), Samaria Gomez has signed for a team in Ligue 2 and there’s more!

Salvadoran football player Karen Reyes She was declared a champion in the final match of the Finnish Women’s Soccer Suomi Cup.

Reyes, who plays for Holland United, celebrated with her teammates after having a great game against Fanta. The match ended 1-1 in regulatory time and went to a penalty shootout.

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There United went strong and won 5-3, the Salvadorans and their teammates celebrated in style.

Congratulations to Karen Reyes, the first Salvadoran footballer to win a Professional Cup in Finland; Not even Jaime Rodriguez or Victor Merino Dupont could achieve that at the time.

Karen is the second Salvadoran to lift a trophy this year after Samaria Gomez. Congratulations Karen!

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