Amazon announced that it will record the series ‘Lord of the Rings’ in the United Kingdom and spark controversy on social media to leave New Zealand.


14 before 2021 05:24 GMT

The decision of the production company to shoot in the UK is due to its plans to expand its presence and investments in the European country.

The dazzling nature and wide variety of New Zealand’s beautiful landscape, featuring rugged mountains, lush forests and vast grasslands, was the perfect setting for Peter Jackson to direct the filming of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. However, Amazon Studios decided to bring fictional Middle Earth from New Zealand to the UK, mentioned This Thursday product through a statement.

According to the document, the second season of the TV series “Lord of the Rings” will be filmed in European locations. “The move from New Zealand to the UK is in line with the studio’s strategy to expand its production footprint and investment in studio space across the UK, and its many series and films. […] Amazon Studios said Amazon Studios is already the home of the UK.

to me Reports Deadline for US media, the strict measures taken by the New Zealand government to deal with the coronavirus epidemic affected Amazon’s decision, because the majority of the actors are British and had to stay in New Zealand for about two years due to travel restrictions, so when filming in the UK, the actors will be close to home .


The news of the change of site generated a diverse reaction among politicians, actors and fans of the franchise, who did not take long to share their opinions on the decision via social networks. In this sense, New Zealand MP Chloe Swarbrick called the action an “unexpected slight” from Amazon owner Jeff Bezos, adding that it was “disastrous for the people assigned to the project”, nearly 2,000 New Zealanders. .

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From the opposite point of view, British Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden was satisfied with the decision. He noted that it was one of the “most exciting products” to hit British shores, and celebrated that production would “create and maintain thousands of high-quality jobs”.

For his part, Elijah Wood, who played protagonist Frodo Baggins in the films, was limited to sharing a link with the news accompanied by a ‘face’ emoji, a simple and clear message showing his refusal to change venue.

Similarly, some netizens showed their disapproval of the advertisement, considering that Middle-earth “belongs to New Zealand and nowhere else ”, and there were also Branded From the “criminal” the fact that the series “was filmed elsewhere”.

However, some social network users praised the change of location, noting that the landscapes described in the original work, written by British JRR Tolkien, were inspired by UK landscapes. There were also those who remarked that “the Scottish Highlands offer an equally stunning landscape”.

One of the highest budget shows in history, ‘The Lord of the Rings’ will be broadcast weekly in 240 countries on Amazon Prime Video from September 2022.

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