Jess Caroline Says She “Done” With Colt Johnson “Forever”

On 90-day fiancé: happy foreverAnd Jess Caroline You now know the full extent of her situation with Colt Johnson. Colt asked Jess to come to Las Vegas, Nevada to see him, and she did. However, the major drama is happening from the start. Almost immediately after meeting her, Jess revealed that other women called her about Colt, and she says she has screenshots. But this is not the worst of it. Colt’s girlfriend, Vanessa Guerra, has moved into his house, and there is a lot of information Jess has to come to terms with.

Jess Caroline comes to Las Vegas and finds out the truth

Jess Caroline | Jess Caroline / @jesscaroline_ via Instagram

Jess meets Colt at the Cat Café, honestly? It feels like a great place to meet, until the drama begins. “How are you doing ***?” Jess inquires. “Are you sending pictures today?”

Over the course of two weeks, Jess says, Colt sent messages to eight other women. “I have screenshots of eight girls,” she continues. Colt doesn’t deny it, and actually tells the producers that he sent in great pics.

“I’m terrified, frankly,” Colt told the cameras. “While I was talking to these women online, I sent them amazing pictures. I feel ashamed of myself.”

On his way to the Colt house where things continue, he tells Jess that sometimes it’s hard to tell if they’re together or not because everything happened in Brazil.

At home, Colt drops some truth on Jess, revealing that Vanessa lives in his house. He begins by stating that he was not a “very good friend”.

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“One more thing I have to disclose. So, Vanessa moved in a few weeks ago. She needed a place to stay. She’s in the third bedroom,” Colt says.

Jess looked really in shock at first, and ended up saying, “She’s sleeping in your bed,” and that she’s just not a friend.

Jess Caroline Says She ‘Finished’ Colt Johnson ‘Forever’

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Jess told him “I prefer my life with you.” “But you prefer your life with Vanessa. Why do other girls live with you?”

She says she does not trust him. Colt says he wants it, but Jess accuses him of using it. “No, you don’t like me Colt. You just use me,” she said to him.

Jess asks Colt why she’s dating her. “I shouldn’t have been in a relationship with you after Larissa,” he reveals. “But I fell in love with you. I love you.”

Jess didn’t get it, though Colt tried to hug her. I got over it, and I told him. “I did, Colt. She says,“ I’m so tired. ”Colt says he’s“ sorry ”again, but that won’t cut her. Jess gets up and leaves after he says goodbye.

Jess reveals to producers that she is “done” with Colt “forever”. It is clear that it has reached a breaking point, and there is no going back after what just happened. “I’m in pain,” Jess told the cameras. “I thought Colt loves me, but Colt doesn’t respect me. I did with Colt forever. Litter man in Colt.”

Jess Caroline and Colt Johnson seem to have gone their separate ways after all of the drama. It looks like Jess is “done” by Colt, just like she said.

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