The President of the United States challenges his niece

While Mario Kart 8: Deluxe continues to score on the Nintendo Switch, there are those who prefer to try the arcade version of the tracks suggested by the racing game series for the Kyoto giant.

During the weekend just ended, nothing but new President of the United States of America Immortalized during a match at Mario Kart Arcade GP DX. Niece Naomi has already shared a story Instagram That we see Joe Biden Try your hand at the Locker version of the Nintendo series. The moment of near-normal daily life occurred during the first visit of the President of the United States to Camp DavidVideo game entertainment also appears to find space.

In a role LuigiBiden challenged his niece, who chose instead Princess Peach I like a surrogate. And apparently, the head of state is no stranger to Mario Kart drifting, as he managed to achieve victory. “Although a little rusty – Niece wrote – Still Can Win (Hair)A moment of family calm between one political commitment and another, with the US president taking office in January 2021, after the handover of a complex that witnessed the defeat of Donald Trump.

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