The Poles don’t want corn

The majority of Poles oppose building nuclear power plants in their country Notes from Poland UCE survey commissioned by Business Insider Polska. Just over 45 percent of respondents oppose the introduction of nuclear power in Poland, and 28.6 percent are strongly against.

Meanwhile, nearly 39 percent of them support the construction of nuclear power plants, and more than 11 percent of them are in this position. 16 percent of respondents do not have a specific opinion on this issue. More than 60 percent of those who do not want to build a nuclear facility near their place of residence will tolerate only this option, with 27.5 percent of respondents.

The latest survey is in line with previous surveys. In a poll conducted by the CBOS Institute in June, the proportions of opponents and supporters were 45 and 39 percent, respectively. The former, a decrease of five percentage points, and the latter an increase of five percentage points since 2018. 55 percent of women and 25 percent of men are in favor of nuclear power.

Last year, the DANAE Institute commissioned a survey commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment, which found that 62.5 percent of Poles support the construction of nuclear power plants and only 31.6 percent oppose it. According to this survey, more than 70% of Poles also consider a good environment nuclear energy use. The Polish government wants to install 6-9 gigawatts of nuclear reactor capacity in the country in the coming decades, with the first reactor coming online in 2043.

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