The Official Netflix Movie Trailer Is Tamarro And Exaggerated To The Right Point –

Love Netflix As for video games, it’s getting bigger and bigger. After Castlevania, Dragon’s Dogma and Dota 2, the streaming giant is about to release an inspiring live action movie dynasty of warriors. The Trailer for a movie Rendering is tamarro and exaggerated to the right point and since we are talking about musou the “correct point” can be a little further than what many consider “normal”.

The film, which arrives on July 1 to all Netflix subscribers, appears to be completely faithful to the atmosphere and style of the Tecmo Koei series. In other words, it’s an almost endless series of battles thousands of soldiers On screen, he was literally wiped out by Lu Bu and his friends, semi-divine soldiers capable of generating flames from their blades, making horses run across rooftops, and of course wiping out entire armies with their bare hands.

If the stylistic images and content from the point of view Musu By Koei Tecmo it seems to be fully respected, on the other hand, it seems that the movie is not intended for anyone other than fans of video games, perhaps the only ones able to appreciate this riot of tamarria.

Everyone’s only hope, as they say in jargon, that the movie “go around“And so exaggerated that it has almost become a cult.

What do you think of these first pictures?

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