The new WhatsApp feature.. Delete the message.. The time limit is changing..!

InternetDesk: As part of providing better services to users, WhatsApp introduces new features and adds new features to existing features from time to time. The information created by the Delete for All feature is in the process of extending the time limit. This allows users to delete the message from their chat page as well as other people’s chat page even a month after the message was sent. Currently, you can only delete a message from your chat page within an hour of sending the message. If the hour has passed, only the sender will be deleted from the page. With the feature soon available, the user can delete the message they sent months later from the chat page. WhatsApp Community Blog WhatsApp Beta Info (WabitaInfo) says that this feature, which is currently being tested, will be available to users soon.

WhatsApp introduced the delete feature in 2017. At that time the time limit for deleting a message was 7 minutes. Then he introduced three new time limits. It’s 1 hour, 8 minutes, and 16 seconds. This means that after the user sends a message, if there are any errors in it, then deleting it within the time limit mentioned above will not be visible to others. It seems that WhatsApp is also bringing another new feature. According to Wabitainfo, WhatsApp brings a new video playback interface. It was developed to allow you to pause YouTube links when you share them on WhatsApp and play the video in full screen mode. This feature was introduced to Android beta users last month for trials. WabitaInfo said in its article that even the latest iOS beta users can test this feature.

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