The new iMac has been redesigned at Apple’s “Spring Loaded” event

an Apple The new will be presented iMac With new colors, new design, more screen and processors of its own during the event Spring loaded Next Tuesday April 20. This is according to a leak he made L0vetodream, Who has a good reputation when it comes to the company’s new products.

It does this in its usual way, posting messages without much context, but suffice to explain what we are likely to see throughout the presentation on Tuesday. The tweet simply shows the original iMac devices in various colors, along with the event invitation image.

Days ago, when invitations to the event were sent an Apple next one Tuesday, April 20And the L0vetodream Also published prof tweet Simply say, “Enjoy these colors ».

iMac brings new colors, bigger screen, and Apple Silicon

Rumors and leaks about the iMac redesign have been around for a long time. Since a week John Prosser Sure The new products will have a similar color gamut to the iPad Pro. L0vetodream It seems to confirm this.

In addition, they will have a new screen, with a design similar to Apple Pro Display XDR. It has also been published Mark Gorman On Bloomberg Previous January. As he explained, it will be one of the company’s most important redesigns throughout 2021.

Mark Gorman is without a doubt one of the most celebrated when it comes to previewing future Apple products, with impeccable detail and surprisingly powerful sources within the company.

Additionally, the iMac will change in size from 21.5 inches to 24 inches. And from 27 inches to 30 or 32 inches, so without a doubt, this is a very significant change to one of the most iconic Apple products in all of its history.

A redesign we’ve been waiting for for years

IMac redesign over the years (Wikimedia Commons)

In addition, redesign is urgently needed. The last time Apple changed the overall look of the iMac was in 2007 when it adopted an aluminum body and a curved back for the device. Two years later, the screen was slightly redesigned to be panoramic.

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