How to download Whatsapp Status?

Internet Office: WhatsApp is constantly introducing new features to impress its users. If WhatsApp Status is one height among the features that have reached so far…everything else is another height. This is because the WhatsApp Status feature has attracted a lot of users. Pictures, video, links, happy/sad things.. Anyway, we will share contacts with everyone on WhatsApp through status. Many people designate different types of cases. We also love some of them… like wanting to update our status. Sometimes we ask them to participate and put them in our position. Every now and then you ask them what they are..we leave them without asking. So without asking everyone.. they can download their status with a simple simple trick. To see how!

with google files.

If you are an Android user, you need to download the Google Files app through the Play Store. This app is the default on most smartphones. Those who do not have this app can download it from the Play Store. IOS users can download WhatsApp statuses only through File Maager app.

1. After downloading the Google Files app, go to the menu and open Settings.

2. The “Show hidden files” setting appears there. It must be enabled.

3. Now come back from the application and open the application again and go to the internal storage settings (the following storage). Click on WhatsApp folder option, then media, then go to the status folder. (Internal Storage > WhatsApp > Media > Statuses)

4. In this folder, all the cases that appear in your contact list will be displayed. If you choose, you can upload your status and enjoy it.

WhatsApp status folder is in hidden mode by default. This means that the folder will not appear in other file manager applications. If you enable the option, the folder will appear. Every photo and video you see in the status is saved in this folder. You can share this file with your friends. or situation. It can be transferred to different folders if desired.


If the above Google Files option seems a bit tricky…there are some third-party apps that you can download directly. Status keeper is one of them. It will also be available to us on the PlayStore. It shows all the WhatsApp statuses that you have seen. The next step is to download, save and use whatever we want.

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