The new great movie on Netflix that will shock us and keep us glued to the couch

There are plenty of movies that we can choose from on streaming platforms, which can guarantee us hours of quality entertainment.

However, it is important to choose well and it is not always easy to find your way among many good addresses. Today we are trying to extend a helping hand, recommending a feature film that is highly appreciated by the audience and critics. Here, in fact, is the great new movie on Netflix that will shock us and keep us glued to the couch.

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In recent years, films dedicated to superheroes have been very strong. The Avengers, Spider-Man, Batman, and many others have now conquered movie theaters and streaming platforms. However, the movie we’re watching today does something original: it focuses not on heroes, but rather on a terrible villain.

We are talking aboutJoker‘, a 2019 film directed by director Todd Phillips. This work attempts to imagine the origins of Batman’s most terrifying antagonist, the Joker. However, the story is told in a very strange way, without all the special effects of superhero movies. Indeed, it is a film with a very intimate tone, telling The difficulties that the protagonist faces before he becomes the Joker.

The new great movie on Netflix that will shock us and keep us glued to the couch

The plot focuses on Arthur Fleck, the man who would become the Joker. He is a young man with mental problems and lives with his elderly mother in a small apartment. Arthur and his mother are poor and try to make ends meet by working as a clown. The film tells of the events that lead this unfortunate man to become a dangerous criminal.

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The movie “Joker” was a huge hit with the audience, making billions of dollars, and even critics loved it. Everyone loved this movie for its originality of telling a comic villain in a human way, like in an arthouse movie.

“Joker” was nominated for 11 Oscars, and lead actor Joaquin Phoenix received the bust for his outstanding performance. The score’s author also won an Academy Award, for her music that managed to capture every mood of Arthur Fleck.

In short, let’s not expect the usual action movie full of superheroes, but let’s prepare for an intimate movie that hides a criticism of society, unable to help the weakest and most marginalized. A complex but very exciting movie.

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