The Neabot robot vacuum cleaner is midway between Neato and iRobot

Chinese manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners are many and they all try to work well with various technologies and features. Neabot seems to be very inspired by Neato and iRobot. Show…

Could the Neabot name be the shrinking of Neato and iRobot? Everything suggests, the technical sheet of this primarily Chinese robotic vacuum cleaner. This model appears to combine the best of both worlds by rejecting a laser rangefinder, which allows it to digitize its environment (which can be found at all) Neato robots), And the recharging base is suspended by the automated waste collector (which sets up Roomba i7 +And the s9 + And the i3 + d’iRobot). These two characteristics are commonly found in premium robotic vacuums that sell for more than 1,000 euros. The Neabot model is being marketed at € 499.

The laser rangefinder enables the robot to follow systematic winding navigation and provide a map of its environment after the cleaning cycle. Neabot uses three levels of suction power and also benefits from automatic surface detection. This feature allows the suction power to be increased automatically when you pass over a carpet or rug.

Once the cleaning session is complete, the Neabot robot vacuum cleaner automatically returns to its charging dock. Above it is a tank in which the dust collected during previous cleaning is absorbed, and it is equipped with a bag with a large capacity of 2.8 liters. The goal is clearly not to put the user’s hands in contact with dust.

Connected to a Wi-Fi network, the device works in conjunction with an application through which the user schedules weekly cleaning sessions, follow the robot’s path, access a cleaning cycle report or even create virtual signals to block access to certain rooms in the home, or even certain areas In the same rooms.

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By democratizing the laser range finder and automatic drying at € 499, Neabot is trying to achieve a heroic breakthrough in a sector that is largely dominated by Neato and iRobot. Finally, all it lacks is the Roborock mop function to complete its range.

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