The movie for the whole family on the weekend of May 1st

Mitchell against the machines It is the new animated film produced by Sony and distributed by Netflix, and is available as of April 30 on the content on demand platform. It is a fun and reverent movie thanks to its writing that is able to unite the whole family in front of the screen. An irresistible original concept that, by making use of all the major metaphors in television history and pop culture, will stand out adults and children alike.

Mitchell Versus Machines: What It’s About It

The Mitchells vs. Machines, directed by Mike Ryanda and Jeff Rowe. The heroes of this animated movie are irresistible: The Mitchell family consists of Dad Rick, mom Linda, eldest daughter Katie, little Aaron, family pug and little Munshi. When Katie is accepted into film school, Rick decides that the entire family accompanies her on one last family trip. However, their journey will be disrupted by the outbreak of the technological apocalypse: all devices actually decide to revolt against humans. The Mitchell family will have to join forces to save themselves and the rest of humanity.

It is a movie for the whole family

But is “The Mitchells Against the Machines” also suitable for younger children? Parents need to know that the movie contains a number of funny moments but they are also able to distribute some of the stress elements that are characteristic of science fiction films. The sequence in which robots start rioting is very well drawn, nothing to scary, but the climate and atmosphere is probably too heavy for little ones under the age of six. Despite this, it is still an animated movie that can be safely enjoyed with the whole family, and may even make use of its May 1st weekend.

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