The most watched movie of 2020 will make you a scandal!

Millie Bobby Brown with her Enola Holmes It should be ranked # 2 on this year’s top 10 most watched movies Netflix. Lots of people expected the highest stage for this movie but had to change their minds. First place was won by a film that shocked the audience a little.

this is rating not always Synonymous with quality, Sometimes a movie can be a hit thanks to the word of mouth and the curiosity that goes into the title everyone is talking about.

This is what happened to the Polish movie 365 days, Film based on the novel of the same name written by him Blanca Lipinska The first to spend the most time on Top 10 In the past twelve months.

Here is the complete ranking:

  • 365 days
  • Enola Holmes
  • Someone Save Christmas Part 2
  • Hollidat
  • Old guard
  • The social dilemma
  • Project strength
  • Kissing booth 2
  • The SpongeBob movie: Sponge-on-the-Run
  • extraction
  • Hubie Halloween
  • Over the moon
  • Satan all the time
  • Make
  • Christmas in California
  • Love is guaranteed
  • American Murder: The Next Family
  • I feel like winning
  • Princess Switch: Switch again
  • Someone saves Christmas

The vast majority of these films are original Netflix, This confirms the company’s decision to focus almost exclusively on internal content. Read our 365 day review and Enola Holmes review and let us know, which of these movies have you seen? Do you agree with the arrangement? Let us know in the comments!

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