The US government is appealing TikTok against the judge who banned the app

(Teleborsa) – Presented by the US government appeal Against theOrdnansTo Washington federal judge Carl Nichols, who arrived three weeks ago, who arrived The Commerce Department’s attempt to impose restrictions on the TikTok app has been blockedOwned by China and very popular among teenagers all over the world.

The Commerce Department, citing national security threats, was Try to block the app from downloading in the United States Based on Separation of American ancestry From its Chinese parent company, ByteDance. Judge Nichols’ ruling came after the initial defeat by the Trump administration: In October, a federal judge in Pennsylvania upheld the appeal of some American TikTok influencers.

It seems unlikely that the US government decision on the appeal will arrive before January 20, and so will beBiden Administration To decide whether to keep trying to block TikTok in the US.

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