The most watched documentary on Netflix these days is “14 Peaks”. The Sherpas Restore the Himalayas

Nirmal Purja aka Nimesday, Son of the Mountain. 38 yearsA past in the British Army Special Forces and now one of the most important faces in contemporary mountaineering. According to Netflix data, the most-watched documentary this week is 14 Peaks Nothing is Impossible. It’s the story posted on the platform November 29How did Nimsdai reach the top 14 mountains above 8 thousand meters existing in the world in Six months and six days. The previous record was Korea’s Kim Chang-ho: It took him to complete all the mountains 7 years, 10 months and 6 days. Nimsdai has been able to do it all since then April 23, 2019 the October 29 of the same year. It started from Annapurna and ended, passing through Everest and K2, with the Pangma hookah, a Chinese mountain that is difficult to enter because it is necessary to obtain a visa from Beijing. The Torquil Jones documentary tells this feat through the voices, all Nepalese, who were part of the Nimsdai team.

Also of note is the presence in the film Italian Reinhold Messner, the first man in the history of mountaineering to be completed. every 8 thousand Existing. Party with the first peaks in the beginning the seventies, Messner completed all vertices in 16 years. Unlike Nimsdai, he completed this feat in “Alpine Style,” a philosophy that provides ascents with as little assistance as possible, beginning with oxygen cylinders. There is great respect among climbers. Nimsdai stated that Messner has “always been an inspiration” and has congratulated the Italian mountaineer several times for the feat. In recent months, Nimesday has made clear his next goal: to return to Nepal in Manaslu (8.163 meters) and clean up the entire mountain with his team, taking as much as possible of the waste left by the tourists into the valley.

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NIMSDAI | Nirmal Purja’s photo

Nepal’s role in the world of mountaineering

The documentary ends with Nimsday’s return to Nepal. His journey ended and the company he started without funding went all over the world. Upon his arrival, a wall of photographers and televisions awaits him. But his comment is bitter: “We’ve climbed the 14 highest mountains in the world, okay? Let’s be honest: if this feat had been done by a Western mountaineer, the news would have been ten times greater than what we see now.”

This aspect often appears in the documentary. Nepalese mountaineers have always served as Sherpas, and although they have managed to reach important peaks and records, they are usually rendered as helpers. always for this in January 2021 Nimsdai and his team completed another achievement: the first winter climb to K2, the climb was completed by singing Saion Thonga Bean Ca, the national anthem of Nepal, which translated means We are hundreds of flowers.

Cover photo: A photo of the team that accomplished the feat with Named Day

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