Biden on Tonight Show: “Popularity declines? I don’t care

The President of the United States, who participated in one of the most successful late-night talk shows in the country, joked with the host about opinion polls revealing his waning popularity, stressing once again the importance of vaccination.

He did not shy away from criticism, but above all raised the importance of vaccination. It happened during the “Tonight Show” hosted by comedian Jimmy Fallon on Nbc. The president has chosen one of the most watched and popular programs on American television to get his message across even to Americans who know little or nothing about her political and economic agenda.

Popularity decline


Covid Usa, from travel rules to vaccines: Biden’s new strategy

The two-part interview began with Fallon raising the issue of the president’s slippage in the polls. “Do you care about the ratings?” asked the comedian. “I am sure people will understand – and he adds – I will never disappoint the country.”

The White House chief’s approval rating fell to 42% in late November, the lowest of his presidency, with voters concerned primarily about the economic situation and rising inflation. “People are scared and worried – explains Biden – they are told a lot of inaccurate things. Not about me, but about their situation. He was told that Armageddon was coming. But the truth is that the economy is growing like never before in 60 years and unemployment is at 4.2%.”

Getting vaccinated is patriotic


Biden’s campaign against fake vaccine news

Separate chapter on vaccinations. The way to avoid the virus is to get two vaccines and then a booster shot. It is available, we have the antidote and it will make a big difference – assures the president – if you do not want to take care of yourself too much, think of your children, brothers, sisters and colleagues. They talk about how that only happened in Biden’s tenure, and how un-American he is. Instead think about this: national vaccinationThis is no joke, doing this is patriotic.”

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Life in the White House

But the president also tells us about his life in the White House: “Inside you have a special feeling that it is not your house, but the house of the people who work there with many people: there are those who arrange the rooms, those who fold our clothes and the cooks on the second floor. But we make breakfast ourselves.” “So you lay eggs yourself?” “No, Jill does,” urges the train conductor, the president laughs, referring to the first lady. Then Fallon concludes, “I’ve brought the class back to the White House.”

Biden II’s “Late Night Show”

Biden was the second president of the United States to appear on a “late night show” after Barack Obama, who was a guest of Jay Leno during his first term in the White House in 2009. However, Biden participated in the Tonight Show in 2009. 2016 as the Vice President eats an ice cream cone and lives with the comedian.

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