Forest and rural responsibilities remain with BMEL

The Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL) largely retains its former responsibilities. Contrary to what was feared, responsibility for forestry and forestry policy as well as consumer health protection remains with BMEL. This came from the regulatory decree published by the Federal Chancellery on Wednesday evening. Like his predecessor Julia Klöckner (CDU), the new Agriculture Minister Cem Özdemir (The Greens) is responsible for nutrition, agriculture, forestry and rural areas.

New parts for consumer protection

Consumer protection policy redistributed traffic lights in their alliance agreement. In accordance with this, in the future the Federal Environment Ministry (BMU) will also be responsible for consumer protection. The relevant departments, previously located in the Federal Ministry of Justice, are transferred to the BMU. It is now clear that consumer health protection, which is still in the BMEL, is excluded from this. In accordance with the regulatory decree, only the responsibilities of the Consumer Information Act, public product safety and private product safety excluding tobacco and related products and other cultivated products are transferred from BMEL to the new BMU.

BMU loses climate protection to the Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection

On the other hand, the BMU has to deal with a major shift in its responsibilities. His responsibility for climate protection, including European and international references, will pass to the new Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Protection under the supervision of green super minister Robert Habeck. International climate policy will be transferred to the German Federal Foreign Office with the new Foreign Minister Annalena Barbock.

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Environment Minister Lemke sees climate protection as a government task

Future Environment Minister Steffi Lemke (the Greens) doesn’t care much about losing climate protection departments. On Wednesday after being appointed minister at Phoenix TV, she said the job of protecting the climate is so big that a home can’t even lift it. “The government as a whole should speak more in favor of climate protection and not just individual departments. It should make you want to address the changes,” Lemke said. “Natural” climate protection, precautionary measures and climate adaptation remain in the environment ministry, Lemke said.

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