The journalist who masturbated during the Zoom meeting kissed again: “I’m a moron” | abroad

It was a scandal to tell you: Jeffrey Tobin worked for the respected New Yorker for 27 years when he masturbated during a Zoom meeting. The New Yorker fired the journalist, and CNN News – for which Toobin also worked – grounded the man. He focused on legal issues and also provided analyzes for other US television channels.

And now the guy is back, and that was also accompanied by an interview with his employer.

only one incident

“What the hell have you been doing?” asked CNN co-worker Alisin Camerota during that interview this week. Although there is no comprehensive answer, Toobin says he thinks “no one can see it”. “But that doesn’t speak well, of course.”

“I feel privileged to be able to come back,” Tobin says. He calls himself “the flawed man who has sinned”. His behavior is “extremely stupid and untenable”.

But Tobin sees The New Yorker not pardoning him as “excessive.” “I have had no complaints throughout my career: there was only one incident.”

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