macOS Monterey Finder improves its interface to navigate to a folder

The Finder built into macOS Monterey has changed the interface that allows you to navigate to a folder. This interface isn’t new per se, it’s been around for years and is useful for opening a hard-to-reach folder, like the wallpapers that come with the system. You can activate it in the “Go” menu and then the “Go to folder” command or through the keyboard shortcut ⌘⇧G.

Interface Go to macOS Big Sur folder.

With macOS Monterey, the interface takes up more space and above all more space. When you open it, you will see a history of the recently opened tracks, information that was already available by clicking on the chevron on the right. This new presentation is much clearer and allows one click to reopen a frequently opened file.

The macOS Monterey equivalent interface.

The field that allows you to enter the path of the folder to open has also been improved with this update. Autocomplete, which was previously available by pressing the Tab key after entering at least one character, is now available instantly and updates in real time.

For example, you no longer need to enter the full path to the wallpapers (/System/Library/Desktop Pictures). If you remember that files are stored in the System Reserved folder, you can write /System And autocomplete will provide the rest. You will see all the options below the text field, which is useful for finding the right location without knowing the macOS hierarchy by heart.

Autocomplete is in progress, here in the system library.

This new interface inspired the developers of iPadOS 15, because the Files app has an equivalent functionality. You can use the same keyboard shortcut ⌘⇧G Displays a dialog that allows you to search for a folder name and immediately open it. You can’t fill in an entire path, as you do in macOS, it’s more of a search engine, but it’s also useful, despite only searching at two levels.

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Using the File Equivalent Function in iPadOS 15.

In addition to the search box, the iPadOS 15 interface also displays recently opened folders and locations. These are the same as shown in the Files app sidebar.

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