The government has appointed ambassadors to Australia, South Africa, Malta and Turkmenistan

Ambassador Eduardo Zuyen to the Russian Federation will represent the Argentine Republic in Turkmenistan
Ambassador Eduardo Zuyen to the Russian Federation will represent the Argentine Republic in Turkmenistan

The national government on Thursday appointed ambassadors in Australia, South Africa, Malta and Turkmenistan. One of them is Eduardo Zwin, a former executive at Christina Kirchner Processed under the memorandum with Iran.

President Alberto Fernandez, chief of staff Santiago CafieroAnd the foreign minister Felipe Sola They signed ordinances making the appointments official.

across the Decree 570/2021, is set Eduardo Antonio Zwin as an ambassador for Republic of Turkmenistan. He is a former Kirchner official who was prosecuted in the MOU case with Iran, who was appointed in February of this year to head Argentina’s embassy in Moscow.

in a Official Gazette It was clarified that he would be able to serve as an ambassador to Turkmenistan, “Without prejudice to his current functions as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic to the Russian Federation.”

Zwain was Christina Kirchner’s deputy counsel and had a key role in drafting the memo, which is why he was tried under the court case investigating this fact.

With the change of management, Zwain was convinced Mauricio Macri To continue his diplomatic career in Paraguay and sparked controversy before Ensuring that Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro is a democratic leader facing the global power of the White House.

Close to CFK, he shared his geopolitical strategy when negotiating with Iran and considers Maduro a mobile target for the US government due to his ideological perspective of the international system.

As with Zuain, the government chose to Republic of Malta To an ambassador currently holding diplomatic posts in Italy. it’s about Roberto Manuel Carles. Hired in the middle of last year, this 39-year-old lawyer from Buenos Aires He is another of the leaders close to Christina Kirchner, but also has a good dialogue with him Pope Francisco.

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By Decree 566/2021, Carles was officially appointed Ambassador to the Republic of Malta on Thursday “Without prejudice to his present functions as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic to the Italian Republic.”

Karles with Christina Kirchner and Eugenio Zavaroni
Karles with Christina Kirchner and Eugenio Zavaroni

He was born on September 17, 1981 in Moron, Buenos Aires. He holds a LLB from the University of Buenos Aires with an honors diploma, a Doctor of Laws from Universidade degli Studi de Ferrara, and is also a Doctor of Criminal Sciences from the University of San Carlos de Guatemala. In addition, he is a specialist in criminal law and criminology, chairs the Youth Criminal Committee of the International Association of Criminal Law, and has been a consultant to the Security Committee of the Legislature of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

He was responsible for the committee preparing a bill to reform, modernize and integrate the Penal Code. That committee was also made up of National Representative Federico Pinedo (loyal), jurist and former Radical legislator Ricardo Gil Lavedra, former Socialist MP Maria Elena Barbagilata and then member of the court, Raúl Zavarone. To advance this process of judicial reform, Carles met with Pope Francis and discussed penal code reform. That was when Carles emphasized that the pontiff had described the draft as “a legal text that enjoys a broad consensus of the parties.”

On the other hand, through Decree 568/2021 Transfer confirmed “from the Department of Foreign Affairs, International Trade and Worship to the Embassy of the Republic in the Commonwealth of Australia to a Minister of the First Class Plenipotentiary Maxime Eduardo Goland“.

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A lawyer and diplomat, Gauland served as National Director for Antarctic Foreign Policy Which operates under the orbit of the portfolio managed by Solá. And the executive branch explained that “while the entrusted mission was continuing, (Gowland) was accredited with the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary.”

Finally, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed in Decree 565/2021 For the representative of Argentina in Republic of South Africa. It is about Bachelor of Political Science Claudio Perez-Palladino, a professional diplomat, worked abroad between 2009 and 2015 as ambassador to Romania and the Republic of Moldova. He held several positions in the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, where, since January last year, he held the position of Director of the Sub-Saharan Africa region in the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

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