Another princess will study in the UK

Princess Elizabeth of Brabant is going to Lincoln College

Brussels (EFE). Princess Elizabeth of Brabant, heir to the Belgian throne, will begin her studies in history and politics this fall at Lincoln College, University of Oxford (UK), according to the palace.

The palace said in a statement issued yesterday, in which it also clarified that Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth, Duchess of Brabant, will study at Lincoln College of the University of Oxford from October 2021. The entrance exams to the “History and Politics” program for a period of three years.

The royal family noted that the princess “really knows the UK well”, having received her IB in 2020 from UWC Atlantic College in Wales, the same center where Princess Eleanor, heir to the throne of Wales, will study. Of course Spain.

Likewise, he asserted that Isabelle would “regularly return to Belgium” and “remain involved in Belgian public life” through the activities in which she participates alone, with her father, King Philip of Belgium, or with her family.

Military training

Last July, the princess completed the last stage of her military training, after obtaining the aforementioned International Baccalaureate.

Granddaughter of Albert II and sister of Princes Gabriel (2003) and Manuel (2005) and Princess Eleanor (2008), she is the first heir to the throne of Belgium who was educated in the Dutch language.

He is also fluent in French and German, and he is also officially fluent in English in Belgium.

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