The first pictures of the next season of Netflix with Steve Carell

Space Force 2. A little over a year after the Netflix announcement, many are starting to ask questions about its return, but confirmation once again is The arrival of the first pictures of the second season.

As we know, the series, which was released in May 2020, and therefore in the midst of the early stages of the epidemic, you see how Starring Steve Carell as a decorated driver, Nerd. The man was chosen to lead the newly born sixth branch of the US Army, called the Space Force. His mission, which comes directly from the White House, is total control of the space: that’s what he’ll work on at base in Colorado, where he moves in with the whole family.

The second season will appear Seven episodes of 30 minutes each, for which Netflix has spared no expense. Indeed, it seems that the broadcast giant wants to take the show to office levels, but the lack of success received with the first act raises doubts about it. However, this new season has been a great revamp: Norm Hiscock, better known as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, has joined Greg Daniels as a show assistant, while Dr. Chan Kaifang’s translator, Jimmy Oo Yang, is now a screenwriter on the show. In addition, production moved from Los Angeles to Vancouver.

Will the series be able to raise the level? We’ll see. Meanwhile, as we remind you of the end of the first season of Space Force, we invite you to take a look at the first images of the next chapter that you will find at the bottom of the article!

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