Read most digital magazines about sports, do it yourself and view – books – other proposals

The impact of the epidemic continues in our country in terms of interests and content selection: in fact, readers of digital magazines dedicated to “do-it-yourself” and “health and wellness” magazines, entertainment and celebrities. The Readly Trends report on digital reading (Readly is the leading European company in subscriptions to digital magazines) presented a 2021 report on key reading trends over the past year.
Meanwhile, we know that out of all the Italians in the twelve months, they read a total of one million seven hundred thousand digital magazines, averaging 17.5 minutes of reading per day.
Almost a third of the magazines read by Italian users are represented by foreign titles. 23% of the magazines read by Italian Readly users are represented by back issues. The category of magazines with the largest increase was the Do-It-Yourself (+165%). In second place (118% growth) was the “Health and Wellness” category. The magazines most widely read by Italian readers by number are those related to “celebrity and entertainment” (+52%). In general, the trend indicates an interest in the home environment: interior design magazines experienced a significant increase in their readers (+49%), as well as those devoted to cinema and television (40%), cooking and recipes (+38%) and technology (+28%). “In the past 12 months, we have recorded a general trend of taking care of the home environment, of improving and renovating spaces, which also means looking for protection and comfort – says Marie-Sofie von Bebra, Head of Growth at Readly in Italy – in particular, it seems that Italians They enjoy home spaces dedicated to cooking and reading as a getaway from everyday life.” In the 2021 Trends Report, Readly presented the trend of reading categories globally compared to 2020, resulting in a true ranking: 1) Running, cycling and fitness (+32%) 2) Home and renovation (+30%)) 3) Film, TV and film (+ 26%) 4) Cars (+ 26%) 5) Travel (+ 25%). So the kitchen is the new indoor entertainment. The number of pages chosen by readers globally as bookmarks in magazines increased by 46% during the year, mostly for recipes. Among the recipes that are often included in the mentions: in Italy: marinara sauce with smoked tuna; In the UK: shrimp and lentil curry. In Germany: French fries; In Australia: Greek-style chicken and lemon rice. Marie Sophie adds: “Perhaps the pandemic has left us craving delicious preparations and recipes capable of satisfying the palate of the whole family. Readers have certainly found solace in these preparations, and the kitchen has cemented its place as the primary indoor entertainment.” . Readly’s global content portfolio has grown rapidly in recent years, reaching 6,300 magazine titles and a combined catalog of nearly 210,000 journal issues from 11 countries over the course of 2021. Foreign journals account for a fifth of total readings. The Rolling Stone magazine issue of America with the cover dedicated to Dua Lipa was an even greater hit with worldwide audiences during the year.

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