The first 3D lens compatible with all SLR cameras

3D printing It has facilitated the work of many companies and companies to manufacture very useful materials. This time it was the photographer who created some 3D printed glasses Let you take 3D photos, something new for photography.

Lenses that create 3D

These lenses can make the camera Capture Motion Shots Stereoscopic, a technique that places tires on top of each other 3D image.

Stereotactic endoscopy is a A way to create depth in 2D images, making it look like it has a 3D effect. This is achieved by Merge photos very quickly Very similar to each other, but not the same.

For now, the effect It was only possible Create it on old film cameras, but 3D printing technology now allows any SLR camera to have that 3D effect.

To achieve this effect With the camera before, they had to Take two photos Or more Using at least two lenses At the same time. This technology dates back to the early 1900s, but 30 or so years ago, cameras that offered this 3D effect started selling. Having more than one lens.

high quality photos

This new 3D printed lens allows for the first time Get the 3D effect with your DSLR camera. It consists of Three lenses of 3 cm each Which offers different perspectives of the image. Perspectives can then be placed manually to give a 3D effect.

In addition, its creator ensures that by using these lenses, Pictures go outside with higher qualityBecause the light entering through the camera will be harsher, which will cause this to happen Less Dispersion between the pixels of the image.

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Therefore, 3D printing technology You never cease to surprise us And this time it was in the world of photography where this innovation took place. However, there are many fields and fields in which 3D printers are used Helping hundreds of companies To improve upon innovation.

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