The far-right is suspected of intending to disable Biden’s inauguration: Politics: Scientist:

Far-right extremists intend to disrupt Joe Biden’s inauguration. He writes about this for the Washington Post.

According to the authorities, incitement by incumbent President Donald Trump by his supporters to storm the Capitol Building “has stimulated a nationwide extremist movement to obstruct the transfer of power to the president-elect and violently challenge the legitimacy of the elections for months and possibly years.”

Law enforcement agencies have warned that the far-right may use weapons and explosives during potential protests. Since Sunday, security officials have been tracking online calls for gatherings in cities across the country.

Sight Intelligence Group CEO Rita Katz told the newspaper that Trump supporters have moved from the slogan “We must win” to the slogan “This battle is going to be long.” Analysts at the company that monitors extremist groups and the information platforms that support them say most of the groups whose members have been observed during the massacre in the US capital agree that the conflict will continue after Jan.20, when power passes to Biden.

Christopher Ray is a former FBI Director advertiser About the large number of threats ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden. In particular, the office is concerned about the overwhelming amount of talk about potential events on this day, including armed protests in Washington and state capitals across the country.

The US Capitol was stormed on January 6 during a rally of supporters of the incumbent head of state, who did not acknowledge the results of the November vote, which resulted in Biden being elected president. The marches led to clashes with the police. Five people were killed and dozens were arrested.

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