The famous football player is an influential advertisement, nobody takes money like him

David Beckham As a soccer player, he made huge sums of money, but it looks like nothing compared to the money he makes today.

The famous Englishman earns 55,000 euros every day! And in a weird way! He signed an annual contract worth 20 million euros. Under this contract, he has to use a certain perfume every time he leaves the house, wear a specific company watch and one brand suits!

The contract states that “David Beckham is a global star and has become a trademark”.

Beckham is his business He recently expanded to Maserati, where he became an ambassador, and confirmed that he would star in the Disney series, for which he signed a million-dollar contract.

However, not everything is so great about the Beckham family home, who paid 25 million euros for a flat in Florida last year.

His wife Victoria suffers huge losses With his fashion company. According to media reports, Victoria Beckham has incurred a debt of € 50 million since 2008. Auditing firms warned her that these losses could get much higher, but she is now adamant in her resolve to keep the company alive.

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