Install the new volume control on your Xiaomi mobile phone: it’s much better

The Xiaomi phones volume control It’s more advanced and better designed than many other customization layers. This does not mean that it does not need to be updated every now and then with improvements and news. Today we tell you what news it brings to you New MIUI volume control And how to install it in the simplest way possible. The changes will allow you to better control the sizes and mute modes as well as a new design for the sound bar. It is valid for any Xiaomi Mobile with MIUI!

This is the new MIUI volume control for Xiaomi phones

The new volume control is exactly what you have in mind: the buttons and the bar that appears when you press one of the volume buttons. After the update The design changes a little bit and becomes more advanced. So far, it has only allowed activating the vibration mode and seeing the current volume, as well as the ability to reach More functions The three points.

Now this little interface changes quite a bit. The first change in Sound barThe one that now loses its blue color and changes slightly in design. It is more discreet, A little bigger It has no white edges. This bar has three dots built into the top for you to access more options.

There are now two buttons at the bottom Control the sound modes in a very simple and fast way. The new moon-shaped button allows you to activate the “Do Not Disturb” mode that deactivates notifications and calls without damaging your multimedia.

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If you click on the three dots now, the interface lets you adjust the same sizes as before: Multimedia, notifications and alerts. But it also allows you to set timers for modesBe calm“Yeah”do not disturbYou can activate it indefinitely or specify a time to remain active and then deactivate.

It is a new interface that is much more careful and has more exciting functions than its predecessor. And the best thing is that it is very easy to install Any Xiaomi phone.

Install the new volume control on your Xiaomi phone

The update will not reach your device by itself: You have to download and install it. It’s very simple and in just two minutes you’ll have your new volume control center ready and working in your device Xiaomi. You just have to follow these steps:

  1. Download It is an APK From APKMirror
  2. Install it on your Xiaomi device by clicking download
  3. Hit the volume button and you’re done

You should Download the APK file And install it so that the system detects the new volume control and integrates it into the interface. It is very simple and you can Install it on almost any Xiaomi phone.

In our opinion it is prof Better volume controlIt allows you to perform actions with silent and non-disturbing modes faster and with a very fun timer system. Now you just have to download and install it to a file Xiaomi Mobile To start using it.

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