Tesla is benefiting from Brexit. The UK gives the green light to autonomous driving

Elon Musk announced that the new version of Tesla’s fully autonomous driving program will be ‘amazing“, Indicating that it will also arrive in Europe.”this summer«. But the concept of Europe in terms of legislation is not equivalent to the European Union and there is a country that has just benefited from the rest of the continent.

United kingdomSince leaving the European Union It goes freeE, and this is evidenced by the legislative shift that aims to transform the British nation into a force for economy 4.0, thanks Strong commitment to renewable energy and decarbonization of the economy.

With One of the most advanced legislation aimed at converting vehicle fleets to zero emissions, Is now adapting its legislation to welcome the self-driving car.

Beyond links with Brussels, London can update stagnant legislation towards the technology that will define the history of the 21st century, in which mobility will become autonomous and zero emissions.

As a result of these changes, companies like Tesla, though not only, will be able to deploy all their capabilities in British soil, providing their customers with the advantages of mobility in the future.

The UK is in the lead

As mentioned Reuters, Became the United Kingdom last Wednesday The first country to announce that it will regulate the use of autonomous vehicles at slow speeds on highways.

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Thanks to this decision, the first cars with the ability to self-drive will be able to spread their skills from this year.

The UK government has just authorized regulations that allow self-driving vehicles to be used at low speeds, below 60 km / h on highways.

It has also been published cars worldIn the UK, the UK Center for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles plans to start pilot trials of self-driving cars in the spring of 2021. Trials could begin with the introduction of automated lane-keeping systems (ALKS) on UK roads.

The gamble of Elon Musk’s character

While presenting the Tesla results, Posted by FCEMusk developed the idea in their minds for the fleet of vehicles that are currently spreading in countries around the world.

«There is no doubt that with a Clear Vision solution, we can make a car significantly safer than the average person. ‘, Expone Elon Musk.

For a manager of South African descent, the challenge passes. ”AI real world vision solution ».

Copy 9amazing«

According to Musk, the new beta version of Software Which allows for … Fully autonomous driving In just two weeks, Tesla (FSD) will arrive in the United States and will be «amazingIn his words.

Later FSD The beta version will expand to Canada and finally be available in Europe this summer. This will allow the neural network to greatly increase its optimization potential, thanks to the incorporation of thousands of kilometers of new owners and Betaster That contribute to improving and increasing the complexity of the program in new scenarios.

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