The effect of Spanish football: in Switzerland they changed the financial aspect of countries

The Servette FC Chnois Fminin SFCCFAnd She is a former women’s soccer team from Geneva, Switzerland.

Currently, the team is distinguished by its tactile style of play that is widely used in different teams in Spain. It was this style in which the current vice president and sporting director of the club focused, pointed out and identified, Richard Fuse Who recently spoke to the site Marker And that was what prompted him to choose this gameplay.

“I’ve always wanted the team to have a very Spanish style of play, possession and touch, avoiding the physical and direct play that is more popular among Swiss teams due to the influence of German football,” said Fuse.

In 2017, he took over as Technical Director, Eric your travel, French from 41 to .

At that time, he was chosen for his artistic qualities and also because he shared the same goal Fuse, for the ‘Spanish’ of the team in terms of their playing style:

“To play touch football you need players with technical qualities in all positions. I encourage players to be independent in the game, to dare and enjoy themselves. Spanish footballers help us with that because they love the ball at their feet. They give us a lot. Of light … and high artistic abilities “revealed in the same interview for Marker.

currently ShenwaysShe has 5 Spaniards, including: Paula Serrano, a midfielder who arrived in 2018; Marta Berg forward in 2019; jade boho the striker who joined the club last summer; Natalia Padilla The midfielder who arrived in 2021 and Ilona Guidi Redondo The midfielder who arrived this season.

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The SFCCF He earned his nickname while playing Spanish Served, who fills the entire establishment with joy: “We’d love to be known by that name! I hope it encourages other Spanish players to come to Geneva,” Sverc noted.

Little by little, the team forms its way and grows after its first win Super League In 2021, and having reached the quarter-finals of the cup last year, the team has finished third so far in National League With 12 out of 15 points and was placed among the top 16 teams in Europe After eliminating it in the previous rounds Champions League The GlentoranAnd united earth and the Glasgow city.

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