The dog is stuck in the room with the tiger for hours: then it gets exciting!

Hang a dog with a tiger in a toilet for at least seven hours.

Belenil (IF) – Any pictures!

The animals sat trapped in the small room for at least seven hours. © Twitter / screenshot / @ prawalipal

In the Indian village of Belenil, amazing scenes took place on Wednesday. Like the news portal News minute I mentioned that a dog on the street had escaped from a tiger the night before.

The hunt ended abruptly when they accidentally ended up in the toilet room that they couldn’t get out of. At around 7 a.m., a local woman wanted to go to the toilet, and in a panic, she closed the door when she saw the predator and the dog sitting in it.

The Indian woman immediately alerted her neighbors and the police. The four-legged friend and the big cat sat together for seven long hours in a small room separate from the main house. During that time, officials devised a plan to resolve the situation.

As a party try it the animals For filming, the tiger jumped in the middle of the camera. News Minute Prajwal posted the amazing video on his Twitter account – more clips followed.

The tiger escaped from the men despite their nets.  The dog did not dare to leave the village after the tiger had gone away.

The tiger escaped from the men despite their nets. The dog did not dare to leave the village after the tiger had gone away. © Twitter / Screensots / @ prawalip

The longer law enforcement officers tried to find a solution, the more onlookers gathered on site to get a glimpse of the tiger.

Finally, at around 2 p.m., officers laid several windows around the house and removed the roof. They were hoping that the tiger would jump into the net through the newly created hatch and that they could catch up with it that way.

However, the plan failed due to the big cat’s strength. Indeed, the animal jumped through the hole into the net. Within seconds, however, the tiger freed itself and ran away.

Fortunately, the predator didn’t attack anyone, so the strange situation ended. However, after the cheetah escaped, the four-legged friend remained fossilized in the toilet.

The poor friend couldn’t believe that she had survived the accident. But with a little persuasion from the locals, the four-legged friend is finally back in freedom.

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