Create a space for young and creative minds

In addition to the pandemic, there is another issue that must be defined for every electoral program in a major election year: digitization. Bits and bytes have revolutionized the world of work for years.

Development boom

Chief among these developments is “co-working spaces”: they promise a comfortable work environment for people who need little more than a laptop and mobile phone to work. Alexander Maytag, head of the parliamentary group of the Social Democratic Party, wants to bring this trend to Delmenhorst. Delmenarium aims to make the city center attractive to young, creative minds.

“It is often not economical for freelancers to rent their own offices. Some may only need two days a week,” Maytag says. Even at the start-up stage of a small business, renting and equipping office space is often a major obstacle. “Young people need an opportunity to try things,” says Maytag. Co-working space is the solution because the office can be booked there on a daily or weekly basis.

For the Social Democrats, “Delmenarium” – his own word – is such an idea. A look at Bremen shows what’s on his mind. There, a private provider implements the idea at Ansgarihaus: your own office costs € 240 per month. Anyone who needs a place to work for five days pays € 90. The provider advertises with fast WiFi, an entertainment area, and meeting rooms that users can book as needed.

Social thought

Part of the concept is also social thought. Self-employed are often solo fighters without a steady group of mates sharing their weekend experiences on Mondays. When creative people from different industries drink coffee together, innovative ideas can emerge.

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Mittag has already sought a conversation with Delmenhorster Wirtschaftsförderung (DWFG) and proposes a co-working space in their care. “In the digital world, this space brings innovative people together,” says Ralph Hootes Thomas, General Manager of DWFG, convinced of the idea.

Co-working space must be integrated into an overall concept in order to pool resources. “The idea can be implemented in small rooms in a smart and charming way,” says Hots-Thomas. For him, five jobs will be the beginning. “It is an opportunity to attract young founders to the city.”


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