The Fate of Winx Saga, How Many Seasons Will Netflix Do? Here’s what we know

Fate The Winx Saga, Igino Straffi’s Winx Club-inspired series, premiered Friday January 22nd on Netflix. Thanks to the great work done by Brian Young, famous for The Vampire Diaries, Winx has already mesmerized millions of spectators.

Even net of some changes like Flora replaced by Terra, and Tecna not appearing in Season 1, the fairies prepare to conquer the young crowd of Netflix subscribers over the course of the six episodes that make up the first season. But how many seasons will there be?

officially Netflix is ​​not out of balance at all About the future of the project, which was first announced in March 2018. However, according to some rumors, it appears that Netflix has already confirmed production of the second season From the series. As they are only rumors, they should be taken with caution, but it is certain that unless the audience shows a total disinterest in the series, Netflix won’t want to miss a franchise like Winx.

So, if the broadcast machine indeed confirmed a commitment to continuing production of the series, the writers would surely have already started on Structuring the stories Who will rotate in Season Two, pending a return to the group. The first season was filmed between September and December 2019 in Wicklow and Ashford Studios, Ireland. If the second season will be filmed in the same time window, it is possible that the first shooting will take place in the fall, then the filming will end by the end of 2021 and the season will be released in January 2022.

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This is for Season 2, but in total? It’s hard to say there isn’t yet an official second season. Recall, however, that the animated series Winx Club ended after 8 seasons So, if they wanted to follow this trend, Netflix could create the same number of seasons, but objectively fewer episodes (the animated series has 206 episodes, but it lasts about 22 minutes).

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