The “Defensive Complex”: There is no room for delay and prevention


For Joachim Valentine it is clear: In the conciliar method, the least possible space must be given to strategies that delay and prevent necessary reforms in the Church. He wants a defensive compound.

From Joachim Valentine | Bonn – 05.02.2021

How can a viewpoint activated in the middle of the third session of the Synodal Process avoid this issue – it cannot.

While writing this text, Karen Kurtman reads the opinion of the Presidency of the Synod on the subject of abuse, transparency and concealment, which clearly refers to the current difficulties, “great discomfort” and “loss of confidence” in the diocese of Cologne, among others. It was also clarified that “legal violations […] Everywhere, according to the law and regardless of the person, “must be dealt with, and a legal, historical and ethical reassessment is indispensable for church management personnel and management personnel must draw conclusions in the event of serious mistakes. Resignation is not a taboo”.

This demonstrates that they have decided to continue a path that, like any of the German churches thus far, perhaps with the exception of the Würzburg Synod, brings together the extraordinary internal tensions of the Church that have built up in recent decades. But he also has the capacity for theological competence, honesty, brotherhood in faith, and a sincere will to solve problems and repent.

Instead of piling new rubble and unresolved problems on top of each other like the owners of history by Walter Benjamin, complex final documents, sorted by the four synod forums, should be prepared and recommended for implementation in the complex final documents expected for 2022 very early. This continued on the level of advice and decision-making, as they belong to the good Catholic subordination and decentralization that Pope Francis wanted.

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In their opening statement, the Presidents of the Synodal Road stated that the strategies of delay and prevention, already launched in an inappropriately and equally effective manner at the first synodal assembly in Frankfurt, should not be given more space than is absolutely necessary in a kind of “defensive synod” recorded with a clearly unknown From before.

The process should not allow them to become so powerful, who constantly try, despite their presumed participation, to shake its foundations. Dictating the complete consensus that has been in practice for so long, and the concealment of apparent conflicts, ultimately endow these always with all the power of the ossified church of the nineteenth century The church will not be repaired An explanation, and thus a mockery of not only the theological reason but also of all historical reasons.

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