How long do we miss out (or not?)

Once upon a time when the weekend started we asked ourselves, “What are you going to do tonight?” Now, however, the most common question in chats is: “What color are we in today?” Another fundamental question definitely follows: “What series have you watched recently?” The Coronavirus disease It has drastically upset our habits and if it’s really social – especially the very young – hanging on to a social media post, we all suffer from Koch Syndrome. In short: we are used to never leaving the house. No more cinemas, dinners and discos. Now the most outrageous thing is dreaming about a love story with the Duke of Bridgerton or learning to play as a “chess queen”.

Dpcm Curfew, “I’m going to my sick daughter”: But she gets a fine of € 533 (and she appeals), when there is no danger.

And then we want to talk about curfew? The perfect excuse for quick, painless dinners: Eat at 7-7.30 like the kids and at 10pm just like that. No coffee killer and chatter that lasts indefinitely. The children are at home and must not wait for them to stand anxiously. Who knows what it would be like when we get back to real life and restaurants will reopen in the evening, the squares will be replenished with people and we will go back to dancing, in theaters, on the stadium. Will we get used to it again? Yes and it will be beautiful.

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