The complete series from Yamato arrives on Netflix

The 90s were full of spirits also shown on local televisions. Mediaset and other regional broadcasters did offer different products of different genres, intended for both the male and female target audience. It was one of the most frequently used names u of ghosts, Nato D. Manga de Yoshihiro Togashi.

Best known for the manga as Hunter x Hunter, he published YuYu Hakusho’s Weekly Shonen Jump series which later became popular in Italy in anime form. 112 episodes were partially broadcast on LA7, while on the home video version إصدار Yu of the Specters was suggested by Yamato Video With chests and chests for the complete set.

Now that edition is titled Yu of the Ghosts: Ghost Files has arrived on Netflix. Yamato Video announced on its Facebook page that the anime is back available for streaming and that the Redmond platform holds exclusives for streaming. So this brand has been enriched since Yu of the Ghosts also appeared on Netflix: The Golden Seal.

And the platform seems to have always had a lot of passion and interest in the brand that Togashi created several decades ago. In fact, Netflix is ​​producing a direct work of Yu of the Ghosts, with no release date.

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