The complete series coming to Amazon Prime Video

As evidenced by the announcement of the February 2021 releases on Amazon Prime Video, some “historic” TV things along with the most recent ones are making their way to the platform.

Beside Dress up the Warrior Princess On February 8th, a series comes Team (Five seasons).

A- The historical series and the 2010 film

First team (first team) A “Historical” TV series that aired from 1983 to 1987 in the United States on NBC and through us on Rete4.

Created by Frank Lobo and Stephen J. Cannell, it follows the trend of “good militarism”, whereby the use of ingenious and unconventional weapons never results in the death or serious injury of enemies, according to a typical entertainment approach. Popular in the 1980s. The title of the series indirectly refers to “A-Teams,” a term by which we intend to Alpha (ODA) operational detachments, that is, operational detachments that represent the basic formation of US Army Special Forces trained in unconventional warfare and other special operations.

The protagonists of the series were late George Peppard (Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith) with Dirk Benedict (Ten. Templeton “Spirla” Beck), Dwight Schultz (Cap. James “HM” Murdock) H. Mr. T. (Serge. Bosco Albert “B” Baracos).

In 2010, it became a television series Film restart for cinema, Directed by Joe Carnahan, starring Liam Neeson, Bradley Cooper, Charlotte Copley and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson.

A former Vietnam War fighter commando called A-Team, who belonged to the Fifth US Army Special Forces Group “Green Berets”, has been wrongly accused of robbing Hanoi Bank. They fled in a daring way, and they live on the run, wanted and pursued by the military authorities for a crime they never committed. Team members survive by acting as mercenaries and being, in nearly all episodes, hired by people or groups of people persecuted by situations of injustice or danger.

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Thanks to the A-Team’s military and human qualities, every episode is definitively resolved in favor of the weakest. Although considered mercenaries by the other characters in the series, the members of the first team always stand by the good. The GMC Vandura is famous in black and gray with two red side lines, joining the upper wing, and is used as the primary transmission and movement for the first team.

Last season, the first team, captured by the military authorities, approved the proposal, as an alternative to the death penalty carried out by firing squad, to serve on secret government missions, under General Hunt Stockwell.

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