The companies that offer the highest and lowest internet speed in Turkey have been announced

Speedtest, one of the indispensable stops for internet users, has announced the providers offering the fastest and slowest internet in Turkey for the fourth quarter of 2021. The list has been shared to cover both mobile internet and fixed internet providers.

According to the published report, Turkcell was the fastest mobile internet provider in Turkey. Vodafone, which is among the top three operators, lags behind Turkcell and Turk Telecom in terms of internet speed and latency.

While TurkNet was a leader in fixed internet providers, Türk Telekom became the provider that offered the lowest speed to its customers.

The city with the highest average internet speed was Istanbul. Magnitude. It was followed by Ankara, Bursa, Izmir and Adana.

In Turkey, the devices with the fastest download speed on mobile internet access devices were Apple devices. While Apple offers an average speed of 59.20 Mbps, this value is set as 45.02 Mbps in Samsung followed by Apple.

The Fastest Mobile Internet Providers in Turkey

Turkcell – 71.49 points

Turk Telekom – 41.19 points

And Davon – 23.79 points

Arrange delays online via mobile

Turk Telekom – 27 milliseconds

Turkcell – 30 ms

Vodafone – 49ms

Fastest Fixed/Cable Internet Providers in Turkey

Turknet – 44.60 points

Cable Turksat – 36.79 points

Turkcell – 34.51 points

And Davon – 24.98 points

Turk Telekom – 19.66 points

Fixed internet delay arrangement

Turksat Cable – 14 ms

TurkNet – 17 ms

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Turkcell – 20 ms

Turk Telecom – 23 ms

Vodafone – 35 milliseconds

The ‘Score’ shown in the list is used instead of the ‘Speed ​​Score’. Speedtest determines this score by evaluating download and upload speeds. 90% of the result is download speed and 10% upload speed.

Turkey ranks 59th in the world with an average mobile internet speed of 31.43Mbps and 105th globally with an average fixed internet speed of 26.87Mbps.

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