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Now against Naomi Osaka? “Yes,” said Amanda Anisimova. “I wanted to play against them for a long time.” She seemed to be a fan as she cared about the aggressive Japanese women’s style. And she drew a peer: they are both shy. Which may be true. Every now and then we say welcome to each other,” Anisimova recalled, “but I never spoke to her on a personal level. “They will definitely have a lot to tell each other. They are both young, Anisimova 20, Osaka 24 – and they’ve been through a lot.

Their stories revolve around how two women lost and then found each other in different sad ways. Osaka, who is extremely talented, has long since developed into a globally known personality. Also because of their political commitment. The four-time winner of the Grand Slam is the face of advertising worth millions, the star of the present.

Anisimova is far from ready. But it’s past the point of being an insider. In 2019, she was in the semi-finals of the French Open, and that was the grand stage. The future star, that’s how she was distinguished. Everything is programmed for fame. Education at the famous IMG Academy. The fact that Max Eisenbud, the shrewd manager who has already led Maria Sharapova to six Grand Slam titles and millions of sponsors, Anisimova caught, fits the picture.

Then her father died. Simply this way. At 52. Heart attack.

Amidst the hype around her, a 17-year-old had to endure the hardships of life. In the tennis world rankings, after working her way up to 21st place, she almost fell out of the top 100. She first learned the feeling of being in public and now she had a tough fight right away. Because it was also about the burden that she bore. that she still wears.

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Only Ashleigh Barty can stop Amanda Anisimova in Paris 2019

The Anisimova track is more common in women’s tennis. A family dreams of their daughter’s glorious career, everything is invested. Anisimovas moved from Moscow to New Jersey and then to Florida especially for the two children – the eldest daughter Maria also played tennis. They got in touch with Nick Bollettieri early on, the famous coach who also formed Andre Agassi. Father Constantine was always on Amanda’s side. I threw the balls like a little Sharapova. In 2017, she won the US Junior Open, defeating Cory Gauff in the final.

Her first professional title followed in early 2019, in Bogotá. She was the youngest winner of the American Championships since 1999 when Serena Williams defeated Indian Wells. Sporting goods manufacturer Nike bit, big deal and a sign of the hype: She was considered the newest tennis star. She showed her separation. In 2019, former French Open winner Simona Halep knocked out the tournament in the quarter-finals in Paris, losing only to eventual winner Ashleigh Barty. Then, a week before the US Open, on August 19, her father, Konstantin, passed away.

Thanks to the fans: Amanda Anisimova after her second-round victory over Swiss Olympic champion Belinda Bencic.

(Photo: Simon Baker/AP)

Anisimova withdrew. I tried to deal with grief. “The only thing that helped me was playing tennis and being on the court,” she said. The New York Times. “It makes me happy and I know it would have made him happy.” She cried a lot. Especially when she realized she couldn’t go back like that. After a few failed tournaments, she admitted, “It was too early. It was still very difficult, and I had so many emotions that I tried to keep it inside.”

Nobody can do their job like that. But she was not alone. Her coach at the time, Carlos Rodriguez, was there for her. The Argentine once took care of former first player Justin Henin, the Belgian lost her mother early. Sister Maria was supportive of Amanda Anisimova, as well as her mother Olga, who lives with her. The parents separated shortly before the stroke.

Now a few years have passed. After winning ahead of the Australian Open, Anisimova made it clear that there was still a gap. On Instagram, she left the message to Konstantin: “I miss you. I hope you send me a funny message like you always did when you won. But I know you’re proud of me.”

The famous Darren Cahill is currently helping her as a coach

The 20-year-old seems firm and determined to start her own way. She is still someone who has high expectations. Darren Cahill was hired to coach at that time in Melbourne, the Australian is one of the most famous powers in tennis. Halep remains grateful to him for the way the 56-year-old shaped her into becoming a champion.

On Wednesday, Anisimova defeated Swiss Olympic champion Belinda Bencic 6:2, 7:5, clinching the balls. I searched for direct points. At the press conference, I smiled a lot. Politely answered the questions. “Just being able to have fun on the court again is the most important thing for me,” she said. “And I don’t feel any pain or anything that bothers me.”

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