Google Drive may block files and lock users, new business policy Data protection

Google will lock files it considers problematic – automatically.

Source: SmartLife / Google

Probably the most well-known company, the one that many people associate with the Internet, especially via email – Google – has announced changes to the rules for using online storage – google drive.

In short, some files that we will share in the future via the Drive app and web client, which only the browser is sufficient for, and which Google estimates that they do not comply, may be limited to the owner’s account (it will be notified that this file is disabled), completely removed, while in cases of violation Most seriously, the user may be banned from using their own account again!

For many users, this is a scary idea, especially for security professionals, especially given that such a decision can be quite arbitrary in practice.

Under the slogan of preventing abuse and cybercrime, google browser Otherwise, it does not view anything that smells of hacking, malware, phishing, hate speech, content harmful to children, or explicit content for adults.

True, there are exceptions.

New Google Drive Privacy Policy Source: SmartLife / Google

Distribution of such content is permitted for technical, educational, documentary, or scientific purposes, or with exceptions subject to Google’s decision-making – whether or not you allow it.

It remains to be seen if the algorithm or perhaps some moderator who is reviewing content based on user complaint will be able to learn about the art and what explicit content, as well as on the basis of what will be interpreted and in what way hate speech, especially verbal harassment and other types of harassment. Because we don’t all have the same standards when it comes to such things, let alone a tolerance threshold…

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What do you think of what Google did?

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