The Camps gym owner talks about the second “comic” closure as he vows to stay open

A fine of £ 10,000 is not enough to deter a gym owner who has pledged to keep his business open despite a looming national lockdown.

Alex Lowndes, from St.News, Cambridgeshire, said he would break lockdown rules “100 per cent” to keep his gyms open.

Gyms are among the “nonessential businesses” that will have to close during November if MPs pass Insurance bill In Parliament tomorrow.

“Science does not support the closing of gyms,” Alex told Cambridgeshire Life. “Park centers are necessary but gyms are not? It’s a joke.”

Alex, who opened Gainz Fitness and Strength in Saint Newts And Bedford, three years ago, said he was prepared to accept the potential fine of £ 10,000 for breaching coronavirus lockdown rules.

“None of us have huge funds but this is greater than 10,000 pounds. If they close us now, they will continue to close us,” he said.

Alex, 32, suggested gyms could be helpful in tackling obesity and mental health problems throughout the dark winter months.

He said in a Video message On Instagram: “Gyms are part of the solution here, not part of the problem. We need to allow us to stay open. We will remain open.”

Data for the end of October shows gyms were the sixth most popular place Test and track contact tracing exercises To be less than supermarkets, bars, restaurants and schools.

Watch Gainz Fitness and Strength owner Alex Lowndes explain his decision to break lockdown rules:

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Alex told CambridgeshireLive that he received support after announcing his decision to stay open on the gym’s social media channels.

We’ve made people who offer to help with a fine if that happens, ”said Alex, who runs the gyms with his wife Amber, 27.

In response to the suggestion that it would contribute to the spread Corona Virus Alex said by staying open: “If you want to take this position, you have to look at schools and universities.

“You have to shut everything down if you shut down.”

Alex outside a bedford gym, which he runs with wife Amber

Alex’s decision was met with mixed reactions on Facebook. A man claiming to be a member of Gainz, said he revoked his membership as a result.

He explained, “As a member of the scientific community, I cannot condone it and I will have to resign my membership.

“I paid for a whole year and did not ask for a refund or an extension during the recent shutdown. Very happy to support a local company but not this position.”

Others praised Alex for responding to the lockdown measures.

“Good for him. Companies need to undo these unnecessary brutal measures!” Woman said.

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson promised that the lockdown will end on December 2, but other senior ministers have hinted that it may be extended if he does not adequately reduce infection rates.

Cabinet Minister Michael Gove said on Sunday that there was a “clear possibility” that the restrictions could last longer than the first shutdown.

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Representatives are due to vote tomorrow on new lockdown measures that will take effect from Thursday.

The new rules will see most shops, bars and restaurants close throughout the month of November in an effort to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Schools and colleges will remain open. People will also be allowed to exercise and socialize in public outdoor spaces with their family or another person.

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