Our GTO Engineering modern will be a V12 sports car inspired by the 1960s

Our GTO Engineering modern will be a V12 sports car inspired by the 1960s

Let’s imagine you actually got a Porsche 911 Reimagined By Singer in your climate-controlled garage, parked next to the impressive Eagle E-Type and two cars the likes of Aston Martin and Jaguar. You are lucky. Life is good.

Complaining you however, there’s room in the corner for something a little more … Italian.

GTO Engineering thinks it has the answer. An all-new sports car inspired by the classics of the 1960s, all rolled into one custom package. There is a little Maserati, a few Jaguars and a lot of Ferrari around that shape, not here.

They call it “Moderna”, because it looks like a modern version of something old from Modena. Hah! Gedit?

For now, this vehicle is in the form of two diagrams and an idea in the head of GTO Engineering founder, Mark Lyon. Get a napkin, because the dream specifications are delicious.

“We learned from building the 250 SWB Revival, and working on a batch of Ferraris, that the weight of a car and its engine are two of the main components of making a good sports car.

“So, we learned that this vehicle should weigh less than a ton and be powered by a four-camera V12 engine – an engine form that we are familiar with and develop in-house.” Calculate 300-400bhp and so amazing noise that it’s illegal in Switzerland after 10pm.

To keep the weight under one ton, the main body would be crafted from what would be the magic spells of 1960s engineers: carbon fiber.

But how’s this for attention to detail? To ensure that closing the door or opening the hood gives the same reassuring feeling as an old timer, these panels will be aluminum. The entire vehicle is handcrafted in the UK.

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Like the 250 SWB “Revival” that blew our little minds (and eardrums) back in the summerEverything about Moderna will be tailored to your taste.

Peek inside GTO Engineering’s workshops here

You can decide how many horsepower you want from the Opera V12, how many gears you prefer, and what kind of handling balance you envision, then there are rainbow paint colors and trim options to think about.

The first cars won’t be complete until at least 2022, so you have plenty of time to make your decision – and you’ll find around £ 1.3m (plus taxes) false. Would this be your choice to complete the ultimate restomod dream garage?

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