The bust of Fabiola Tossi as heroes in “Slower Magazine”

There is also a bust among the “future experts” that the magazine has interviewedSlowear Magazine Who chose two cities Hamburg and Chicago As a symbol of change.

Fabiola TosiHe holds a degree in economics and management of cultural heritage in Cattolica and a master’s in “arts management and politics” from the capital of Illinois, and has lived in Chicago for six years Project manager In the Peggy Notebaert Natural Museum, it also has a wide range of interests that bring it in contact with the world of art.

In the interview, Fabiola talks about this windy city, and it is one of the most glamorous in the United States. It highlights his work aimed at promoting pollution.

Fabiola tracks down the reasons for her arrival in Chicago, after her husband, who works for an airline. Then the transportation allowed her to complete her studies and enter directly into the world of work that she was most passionate about. Arrival may not have been possible so quickly in Italy.

In the interview, Fabiola talks about the city of Chicago, defined by a strong European connotation, about the seasons that are very difficult in the cold period, and then about her work, trends, aspirations and proposals for not losing the cultural culture. City events.

The full interview with SlowearMag6

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