Netflix, an unexpected surprise for users: There is an advertisement

Netflix announces an unexpected surprise to all users. N-Plus arrives, with the streaming platform releasing playlists, podcasts, and bonus content.

Important news for users of the streaming platform (via screenshot)

Despite the fierce competition, Netflix It remains the world’s most used video streaming platform with the behemoth ready to surprise its users. Actually it will debut soon. ”no more‘, a Extra service Which would make the basic system more “social”. The developers have already polled users with a survey popping up in the past few days. User interest has been huge, so let’s just go and see What will change in the application.

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According to some rumors N-Plus It might be an app add-on service that can dedicate an entire section to it. Many believe this will be a new platform, even outside the parent app. Moreover, after the survey, users asked the Red Hastings giant to add Additional content, Podcast e Playlists to share online.

Netflix, surprise is N-Plus: Lots of news for users

Netflix Surprise
New functionality for Pixabay streaming platform

N-Plus is ready to give all Netflix users the power to create playlists with their favorite content, including Songs and podcasts to listen to. A ready tool to compete with the new social club which has attracted a lot of users in a very short time. Thus, movie and television fans will be able to learn more about their favorite products, while also having the opportunity to express their opinions.

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So Netflix could put its subscribers first. With N-PlusIn fact, users will finally have the opportunity Publish their reviews And even share it with the rest of the users. A social aspect that will be appreciated by Netflix users, who have never had the opportunity to comment on their TV series. The arrival of the N-Plus remains, as of now, uncertain, given that the video streaming platform has not officially announced it yet.

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