The Bolivian judiciary orders the arrest of former president Janine Anez

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Onez published a document from the prosecutor’s office in La Paz accusing him of “terrorism, sedition and conspiracy”.

On Friday, the Bolivian Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant for former President Janine Anez and a number of her ministers on charges of inciting sedition and terrorism, charges linked to an alleged coup against former President Evo Morales.

Political persecution has begun. MAS (Movement to Socialism, Ruling Party) decided to return to the styles of dictatorship. Shame because Bolivia does not need dictators, it needs freedom and solutions, ”Anez said on Twitter.

Lydia Patti, a former lawmaker in the American Socialist Movement, denounced last December that Nez, along with several of her former ministers, ex-military, former police officers and civilians, promoted the ouster of former President Morales in November 2019, after 14 years in power. The former president always said he was the victim of a coup.

After several protests over allegations of alleged irregularities in the electoral process in October 2019, Morales resigned along with several officials who had been in the line of succession. Anez, who was at the time the second vice president of the Senate, assumed power in the face of a power vacuum.

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Arturo Murillo, Alvaro Coimbra and Luis Fernando Lopez, who belong to the interim government headed by Anez, announced the arrest warrants issued against him. Rodrigo Guzmán, who served as Minister of Energy, was detained in Beni County and will soon be transferred to La Paz. Other allies of the former president have also been recalled by the Bolivian justice system.

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