Can I use different summer tires for my car at the same time?

Sometimes car owners, without realizing it, make mistakes that can affect not only their budget, but also road safety. For example, there are instances when people choose to have different tires fitted to their cars at the same time. As it turns out, this step is very dangerous, and we’ll explain below why not doing it.

What are the consequences of installing different summer tires on a car, for example?

If you thought that the various summer tires installed in one car would not change much, then you are mistaken. Doing so can have dire consequences, such as losing stability when cornering, making driving more difficult. This effect usually occurs when the machine is equipped with tires of different sizes.

The manufacturer specified for each vehicle an all-season, winter, or size Summer tires Suitable for this, and these recommendations should also be followed. However, if you do not know which tire size will suit your vehicle, you can consult a specialist, such as our experienced MMK Tire Service team, who will be happy to answer your questions about tire and wheel selection.

Another reason for poor handling is the different tire quality. For example, if the front tires are of better quality than the rear tires, there is a risk of the tires slipping. On the other hand, if the front tires are worse, the corners will be more difficult to steer and the braking will be less effective. From this we can learn that even in cases where, for example, some summer tires are in good condition, but some are already worn out, not only do you have to change two, you must purchase a complete set. A complete tire change will be a valuable investment not only for your comfort, but also for your safety.

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However, if you choose to change only two tires for some reason, make sure they are of the same size and preferably of the same model of tires that are fitted to the other axle. Smarter would be tire fitting and balancing Entrust these professionals As an MMK image service.

What else does MMK Tire Service offer?

We already discovered that it is possible to buy all-season and summer tires here, and you can also see what winter tires have to offer. Additionally, they are also offered tire repair, disc sale and repair services. If needed, you can also use a tire storage service. Summer tires purchased and other models all over Latvia will be delivered within one working day. Find out more –!

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