The Australian event was shaken by two deaths

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Osman Khan and Kasher competed in the Naracoorte Horse Trials in South Australia. On this occasion, horse and rider were all about qualifying for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Before Sunday’s final pass, the pair were promising runners-up, and the pair also did a good job off-road – right up to the last jump. Cashier grabbed his knee there and rolled. The eunuch had a broken neck on the impact and there was no rescue for him.

His contestant was lucky in misfortune. Osman Khan hit the ground with his head and fell under his horse as a result. The 39-year-old lost consciousness for several minutes afterward and was immediately rushed to hospital. How Equestrian Australia I mentioned, it should have descended gently despite the force of the collision. Khan was discharged from hospital on Monday evening.

The Cashier, originally entered in the International Equestrian Federation’s data record as Riverbreeze, is an experienced horse. Under the leadership of Australian Andrew Cooper, the eunuch became the Australian CCI4 * -S Champion in Adelaide in 2019, and the same year he won another four-star short test in Albury. In 2020, Kashir turned to Usman Khan after his Olympic candidate Azad Kashmir lost his aorta due to a ruptured aorta.

Another Australian horse died on Saturday with the Nightcaps. More details about this incident are not known yet, the only thing for sure is that Nightcaps had a cardiovascular problem on the occasion of CCI * in Queensland from which he did not recover. According to the Australian Equestrian Foundation, the rider and owner, Laura Ray, were unharmed. She, too, was able to get home in the meantime.

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