The Google Phone app will now talk and tell who is calling and why

Jamshedpur It was the regular phone era, when I was worried about receiving unknown calls. Then came the era of smartphones, I knocked Truecaller. Truecaller has made the life of smartphone users easier. If there is no number saved in your smartphone, it will tell you that the unknown number belongs to a person named Valan. But Google will challenge Truecaller here, too.

A stable version of the Google phone app has been launched at the moment

Google was on its way to bring Google Phone apps. The advantage of this app is that if you find out if you want to know who is calling you, then you will get all the benefits from Google for this. The basic caller ID feature will be provided in this app, which will show the caller’s name and number for all the calls on your screen. This feature was released as a stable version of Google Phone app for users.

Get rid of unwanted messages and unknown calls

If you are talking about the feature, then in the settings of this app, users will see a list of caller ID announcement. When you click on it, you will get the option to play. Once turned on, the caller’s name and number will appear with the incoming call. You can also turn off this feature whenever you want.

XDA developers first saw this feature unpacking APK. The post explained what this feature looks like. Speaking of features, under Settings menu in Google Phone app, users will see Caller ID Announcement menu. You don’t need to have any third-party app for this. This will get rid of unwanted and unknown calls or spam calls.

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I’ll tell you by talking about your friend’s call

The biggest advantage of the Google Phone app is that if your phone is far away, you will get information about it through an advertisement. That is, if your friend gets a call, he will tell us that friend’s name. If you want this feature not to read the name of the person making the call during an incoming call, you can also turn it off. To take advantage of this new feature, just go to Google Play Store (Google Play Store) New version The app needs to be updated.

The feature is useful for automatic call filtering

Another feature of this app is that you can also filter the automated calls before the unknown calls are scanned and ringed. When the phone is not on automatic calls, the user’s phone rings after some time to see who is calling and why.

Those in India will have to wait for now

As far as the app is concerned, the information in this app has been told that the new update is helping users to automatically scan unknown callers and filter out robotic calls before the phone rings. Currently, nothing has been mentioned about the caller ID advertisement feature. In such a case, it might take some time for this feature to arrive in India.

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