Six points clear goal

(Mr). Martina Voss Tecklenburg was frustrated. The unsuccessful search for a place to stay at the European Championships in England is on the nerves of the national football coach ahead of the annual sports final. About seven months before the tournament begins, there is no “proper” luxury oasis for the title mission.

“We were really frustrated. It’s not a good hotel situation, what we are being offered is not good,” said Voss-Tecklenburg before the double package in the World Cup qualifiers against Turkey on Friday (4pm / ZDF) in Braunschweig and Tuesday (7pm / It’s not a good hotel situation, what we are being offered is not good.) zdf .de) in Portugal There are too few options for many countries (“One of the hotels was an airport hotel”) and too much distance from the training grounds “Simply these general sporting conditions must be correct. But we will find solutions,” MVT emphasized “I criticized UEFA’s preparations.

Before the FIFA World Cup, it was all about the World Cup points here and now. After four wins from four matches, the DFB team in Group H wants to stay on their way to the finals in Australia and New Zealand in 2023. “We want the six points, it will be a giant step towards qualification,” said Voss Tecklenburg. Only group winners can buy direct tickets.

Turkey should not be a stumbling block even without the ailing duo Dzinevre Marozan and Sophia Kleinhern, although the national coach assures: “We won’t play them away.” A completely different caliber awaits four days later in Faro in the Algarve. Portugal’s Vos-Teckelenberg ranks him as “very good at playing and strong in two fights”. Here the younger choice can show how far they are in order to see the emerging markets next year. Germany finally got the hammer set for the title task – European vice-champions Denmark and joint candidates Spain and Finland are the names of the tied contenders. The invitation tournament in February in England with the host nation, Spain and Olympic champion Canada will be a true indication of the record for the maturity of the European Championship. Possible German line-up: Fromms – Hendrich, Oberdorf, Feldkamp, ​​Gwen – Magul, Dabritz, Leopols (Dalmann) – Hoth, Schuler, Brand.

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