“The amount of damage to a Mac is unacceptable”

In the lawsuit brought by the media against Avic, Craig Federighi, senior vice president of Apple, took the stage and “sacrificed” the founder to keep the “closed garden” of iOS.

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Lawsuit between Epic Games, Apple, and the developer of FortniteThese days, it continues in the US and never stops making headlines. After starting the trial last week – as Afiq tries to get a giant out of Cupertino to allow non-iOS app stores to be installed – yesterday (Wednesday) Craig Pedrigi, Apple’s senior vice president, stepped onto the podium to paint an interesting picture about the security of its computers.

“The amount of damage to a Mac is unacceptable”

Fedrigi came to court to highlight one of Apple’s major allegations in the fight against Afik and against its desire to allow the inclusion of additional app stores for iOS – the security angle. Generally, Apple claims its system is safe, but if more unauthorized parties enter – users will be at risk.

Pedrigi explained why Apple’s “closed garden” should be closed – but along the way revealed “ignorance” in the company’s less closed garden – macOS. According to Federighi, security in Apple’s computer operating system is much less successful than iOS.

“If we take Mac security technologies and run them on the iOS ecosystem – with all of these devices (according to Apple, there are 1.65 billion active iPhones in the world as of last January, AA) – it will be much worse than what is already happening. Mac. “The amount of damage in the Mac today is unacceptable to us, and it is much worse than it is in iOS.”

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Deal with a telegram to the largest technology channel in the state
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In doing so, Pedrigi defended one family of Apple products, but revealed along the way the smooth substrate for another segment. But it didn’t stop there. Pedrigi was asked if using the Mac was safe, given the fact that the amount of damage to the system also led to red lights being lit in the executive offices of Cupertino. He answered yes, of course, but he compared the Mac to a car – as long as it is operating properly and driven by the rules of the road, it will be completely safe. But what if that doesn’t happen?

Well, according to Bedrigi in a situation like this, where you don’t drive a “car” by the rules, it is very likely that it will not end well. In fact, he revealed that some of his family members were “careless drivers” with their Mac, and had contracted such damages while using it.

Respectively, Pedrigi stressed that unlike the “car” that is Macs – iPhones can be used by anyone, including children, without risking exposure to malicious elements (or at least not on the same level). “With iOS, we were able to build a product that children, even young children, can use safely,” Federighi said.

Viruses on PC Not on Mac? Probably not

In the past, Apple has tried to position the Mac not only as a more designed and respected alternative to the PC, but also as an alternative in terms of security. More than a decade ago, Apple launched commercials in which “PC Man” showed the Mac the amount of viruses that it had infected and the Mac (Justin Long, whoIt has already crossed the line) Confirms “On My Computer, Not on Mac”.

However, it appears that the lawsuit against Afik – about 90% of Apple devices are “prosecuted” (according to Federigi, that’s the total number of Apple’s iOS devices) – could also harm the image of the other 10 devices. %. Apple seems to have preferred to take a big hit when it comes to founders, the main thing to win the battle is on iOS.

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